Quixote Dream Pool new member of Armada-Alliance

It is a real pleasure to announce that we are already part of the Cardano Pool Alliance “Armada Alliance”. This is a strategic union of Cardano Pools at an international level whose main purposes are the development, dissemination and advice of efficient and low-consumption technology for Cardano Pools, specifically operated on the basis of Raspberry Pi or ARM systems.

It is a collaborative and development project that will allow us to create new initiatives, help other Pools and above all demonstrate how efficient and sustainable the Cardano Network can be, and specifically its nodes, which are the structure that support the entire system. transactional of the Cardano Blockchain.

Here we leave you the Pools that are members of the Alliance at this time (https://adapools.org/alli/armada-alliance/9) and we will inform you shortly of the news and initiatives that arise.

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