Koios Python New Library to explore Cardano


Koios Python is Python wrapper which allow interacting with all information and parameters stored on the Cardano blockchain using Koios REST API

What is Koios Python?

Koios Python is a library based on Koios Elastic Query Layer for Cardano Node by Cardano Community Guild Operators.
Koios is best described as a Decentralized and Elastic RESTful query layer for exploring data on Cardano blockchain to consume within applications/wallets/explorers/etc.

Koios is really useful for developers because resource and maintenance requirements for Cardano blockchain components (e.g. cardano-node, cardano-db-sync) are ever-growing. It also simplifies how to query complex information from the blockchain.

This library allows getting data from the Cardano Blockchain using a simple syntaxis in your Python code. All the querys follow Koios API REST operations.

Github Repository


Required Python Modules


pip install koios_python


import koios_python


  • Supported REST Services:
    •  Network
      • Chain Tip
      • Genesis Info
      • Historical Tokenomic Statistics
    •  Epoch
      • Epoch Information
      • Epoch’s Protocol Parameters
    •  Block
      • Block List
      • Block Information
      • Block Transactions
    •  Transactions
      • Transaction Information
      • Transaction UTxOs
      • Transaction Metadata
      • Transaction Metadata Labels
      • Transaction Submission
      • Transaction Status (Block Confirmations)
    •  Address
      • Address Information
      • Address Transactions
      • Transactions from Payment Credentials
      • Address Assets
    •  Account
      • Account List
      • Account Information
      • Account Rewards
      • Account Updates (History)
      • Account Addresses
      • Account Assets
      • Account History
    •  Asset
      • Asset List
      • Asset Address List
      • Asset Information
      • Asset History
      • Asset Policy Information
      • Asset Summary
      • Asset Transaction History
    •  Pool
      • Pool List
      • Pool Information
      • Pool Delegators List
      • Pool Blocks
      • Pool Stake, Block and Reward History
      • Pool Updates (History)
      • Pool Relays
      • Pool Metadata
    •  Script
      • Native Script List
      • Plutus Script List
      • Script Redeemers

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