Main Information:

ROA: 5%

Margin Fee: 0% (2% while We have Cardano Foundation delegation)

Fixed Cost: 340 ADA

Total Power Consumption: ≈39 Wh

Pool Hardware

  • 1 x Block Producer Node (Mac M1 Mini 16GB).
  • 1 x Relay Node (Mac M1 Mini 16GB).
  • 4 x Relays Nodes (Raspberry Pi 8GB). Two of them are hidden to avoid DDoS.
  • 1 x Server to Monitoring (Raspberry Pi 4GB).
  • 1 x Failover Block Producer Node (Raspberry Pi 8GB).
  • 1 x Failover Relay Node (Raspberry Pi 8GB).
  • 1 x Router with Failover with Symmetric FTTH like main connection with a bandwith of 600MB and failover , if a failure happens, 4G connection.
  • 1 x UPS with more than 10 hours working with no power.

Distinctive Features:

  • High Availability: 99 % Uptime
  • It is constantly monitored
  • Internet Connection 4G Failover
  • It has a UPS system 24/7
  • It is located in data center with temperature control
  • They have very low consumption (Ecofriendly)
  • Built from source code
  • Minimum maintenance fee
  • We support Regional Technological Projects
  • We are Disclosers and Passionate about Cardano
  • We give many incentives to our Delegates (ADA giveaways, NFTs, Manchego products …)

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