As we already announced in the previous post, after the signing of the First Block, we are going to incorporate improvements compared to other Cardano Pools, so we have decided, together with our delegates, the following incentives:

  • Each Epoch in which at least one block is signed, the Pool will carry out publicly and live 8 draws of 5 ADA among all delegates and 1 draw than 1000 PIGY + 1.47 ADA
  • Each new delegate will be given as a gift the same amount of PIGY that ADA has delegated in the Pool and an extra gift of 1.47 ADA. To get those PIGY you will have to stay in the Pool for at least 6 epoch.
  • Any delegate with more than 6 epochs who reaches 10K ADA delegates will be given 10K PIGY and 1.47 ADA as a gift regardless of the PIGY they have already received. And when it reaches 20K, another 10K PIGY will be given and so on for every ten thousand reached: 30K, 40K, 50K …
  • When the Pool signs the 10th Block a Premium Manchego Cheese will be raffled off among all delegates.

At the moment we are working so that in the following weeks we can incorporate NFTs draws for our delegates and little by little we will add more things.

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