We update the incentives to continue adapting to the news that have reached Cardano and also the Pool.


As always, a weekly draw is carried out. In this way, every week there is the incentive of the Live Draw and the obtaining of prizes. We continue with the two types of Sweepstakes introduced in Stage 2: The first type is the Catalyst (since it is the same method used by Cardano and its Catalyst) it will be based on the delegated ADAs (the greater the number of delegated ADAs, the greater the probability) ; and the second type, where each wallet counts equally regardless of the ADAs it has. In both draws, ALL the wallets that are delegating in the Pool with more than 21 ADAs will participate:

  • Catalyst type giveaway:
    • 7 prizes of 5 ADA
    • 1 donation of 5 ADAs to Plant for the Planet

  • Wallet-type sweepstakes:
    • 10 NFTs prizes
    • 2 prizes of 1000 $PIGY
    • 2 prizes of 1000 $THANK
    • 2 prizes of 1000 $HOSKY


  • Dulcinea (DUL): delegates can claim the DUL reward every 6 epochs.
    For every 10 ADA delegates, you will get 1 DUL

  • CARDOGEO: delegates can request their CARDOGEO once per wallet.
    Regardless of the wallet funds, 69,420 CARDOGEO will be sent.

  • THANK and / or PIGY and / or HOSKY: delegates can request every 6 epochs the reward of PIGY and THANK.
    For each ADA delegated, you will get the same THANK and / or PIGY number.

  • New Tokens: we will be adding new tokens as additional rewards. Stay tuned to our social networks, especially Twitter and our Telegram Channel.

  • Any Delegate who reaches 10K ADA delegates will be given the option to choose between 10K PIGY, 10K THANK or 10K HOSKY. And when it reaches 20K, another 10K PIGY, THANK or HOSKY will be given, as you choose. And so on for every ten thousand reached: 30K, 40K, 50K …
  • With the signature of Block #100, a multiple GIVEAWAY will be carried out of:
    • 1 Premium Manchego Cheese
    • 3 Bottles of La Mancha Oil
  • NOTE: All rewards and prizes must be claimed (requested) no later than 30 days after the Sweepstakes took place.

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