Hoskinson and the Quixotic Attitude

On August 22, Charles Hoskinson, in one of his classic live videos on Saturday night, the so-called Saturday Night Thoughts, declared something that I liked and that fully affects the Pool, the Operator and all its delegates, although obviously not It refers to us, many of us if we identify with that idea of ​​chasing dreams at all costs. So here is his phrase, which was specifically:

“Be the crazy Don Quixote. He chases the windmills, changes the system “

Charles Hoskinson

This is not something that has special relevance per se, but I did want to share with you those seconds of the video of this pleasant coincidence between Hoskinson’s quixotic metaphor and similar ideas that came to mind when I thought about the name and the spirit for this project and its Stake Pool. This idea of ​​Giant enemies, which are really La Mancha windmills, is something that I like as a metaphor, beyond the project, as a metaphor for life. It is something that I have engraved in my mind since I was little and that I have remembered many times throughout my life.

Here you have the magnificent quixotic seconds of Charles:

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano.

You can see the full video in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUHFEmcyEE8&t=3293s

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