3D Printing

We add the 3D printing service to the Quixote Dream Pool as the first service for delegates or holders of ADA or DUL, paid through ADA and / or DUL (Dulcinea) utility token minted by the Quixote Dream Pool.

This service is part of the development of the Quixote Dream Pool as SPaS (Stake Pool as Service).

Request a quote (you will have to upload your STL file and specify material and measurements).

Approximate prices:

PLA printing: 18 DUL / gr. (20-40% inner fill)

Special PETG and PLA printing: 22 DUL / gr. (20-40% inner fill)

Shipping costs:

Spain (48-72 hours): 800 DUL

Europe EU (3-5 days): 3000 DUL

Rest of the World (5-10 days): 10k DUL

What to 3D print?

On this website you have thousands of ideas for free -> https://www.thingiverse.com

Download the .STL file, upload it on the Request Quote page and wait to receive your quotation.

Or create your own design.  We do not offer design services.
If you have any questions on paying with ADA or DUL, we’re happy to help.